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Cartoon Corner – “Stuck in Traffic”

It’s time to introduce Cartoon Corner by Mike Baldwin, to the Talking Bull website, as we look back to the dark days of just over 4 years ago, and the demise of Hereford United (1939) Limited. This particular cartoon highlights Andrew Lonsdale answering his mobile phone as his barrister asks…
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Slowly.. Slowly… The Bulls are moving towards full time football

“Can’t afford it” declared our former Gaffer Peter Beadle, who inevitably added blue pie thinking about “3,000 season ticket holders”. More recently at the Fans Forum, there was a notable gap between the enthusiasm of our man from Dymock opining “we need to be full time as soon as possible”…
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You Can Always Rely on a Baggie

Following the late-late equaliser from Josh Gowling for Hereford against Chorley this afternoon, the Talking Bull Co-Editor Simon Wright wasted little time in reminding everyone, and anyone, with which club the Bulls experienced defender had served his apprenticeship. The world according to Simon essentially says…Hereford should always sign players who…
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