Our new midfielder from Africa is a man of many facets and emotions. Arguably a rising star for the second time, a family man, a gifted film maker who struggled with his health and occasionally crossed lines. Here’s just a taster of the forthcoming feature in the next Talking Bull.

Olumide Scott DUROJAIYE

Nigerian-born Olu grew up near Tottenham and was recruited for the Spurs Academy at a very early age.  After initially playing as a striker, Durojaiye was tried out as a centre back because of his ability to dribble through the entire opposition.  He was apparently that good. He trained and played with older age players and went on foreign tours with them including a chunky Harry Kane.

As he told the Athletic “When we were younger, we used to laugh at him because he’d sit and watch the Tottenham first team taking penalties, shooting drills. Then one time Clive Allen said, come and join in. From then he was just: bang bang bang. Every day after training. Bang bang bang. First one in, last one out.”

Kane didn’t have Durojaiye’s pace or skill level but was willing to work himself into the ground to improve his talents and get noticed.

A particularly unpleasant injury and subsequent fallout cost Olu a career with Spurs.  After a difficult period in his life, he was signed by Norwich City.  The Canaries then moved to sign Harry Kane on loan as Spurs still couldn’t decide whether he had a future at White Hart Lane.

The Athletic again “Obviously he was in the first team and I was on the fringes. But it was good to see a familiar face. He knew what he was there for. He’s always known the end goal. He’s the most single-minded, focused person I’ve met.”

Once again, Kane’s eagerness for extra training stood out Carrow Road and Olu decided he should follow suit in order to catch the eye. He certainly impressed one of the coaches who was instrumental in securing the young midfielder a first team future. But the path ahead was far from smooth.

Olu’s full story features in the next Talking Bull which is due for publication on Saturday 6th August ahead of the opening Hereford fixture in the National League North against Spennymoor.

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