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Following the end of a 7 day Member Consultation period HUST confirms it has written to HFC to formally extend Director, Tony Taylor’s term of office, for a further 3 years.

“We’ve had only positive comments from members about Tony via the consultation period which is pleasing” says Vice Chair Joanie Roberts.

“Tony’s always a visible presence on Matchday and I know how hard he works, both for the Club, and also for the Trust, to ensure that our members are properly represented. He’s a huge asset and the member feedback we’ve received really demonstrates that our members appreciate Tony’s efforts. We’re delighted he’s agreed to continue for another three years.”

“Tony has our full support,” says Trust board member Peter Sell. “He is an experienced finance professional and a chartered management accountant and has experience of working as part of Senior Leadership teams and as a member of Executive Boards. He joined the HUST board in 2016 and was appointed to the HFC board in 2018.”

“It’s a great honour to represent the supporters as a Trust Nominated Director on the board of the Football Club,” says Tony. “It’s sometimes a challenging role but I’m delighted the Trust board have seen fit to extend my position for another three years.”

The 7-day consultation period ended on 24th May. The Trust received a number of messages from members in support of extending Tony Taylor’s term of office and no objections.

The Trust notes that one member wrote to suggest that HUST Nominated Directors should be chosen by member vote.

The current HND policy, as agreed by members at the 2017 AGM, does not contain provisions for a member vote but it does allow for engagement with all Members through the recently completed objection process. Therefore, this was not considered as an objection at this time.

Members wishing to change the HND Policy may, as always, suggest amendments by resolution at a General Meeting.

The next HUST AGM will be in October 2019.

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