HUST-bannerThe Hereford United Supporters Trust is looking to extend its fund-raising initiatives ahead of the 2016/17 season.

The trust wish to form a working party to examine potential events and ideas, and hope a number of supporters will come forward to help in this process.

Tristan Edwards on behalf of the HUST board says ‘One of the many topics members have asked HUST to address is fund raising. This in terms of both increasing HUST funds for share purchase and in assisting the efforts of other key areas of the club identified by members.

‘Supporters may be involved in activities outside that can be considered in our case, or have contacts with other clubs that have successful enterprises. For example, we’ve brought ideas back from our recent visit to Kidderminster’.

Any supporter who would like to get involved is requested to make contact with the HUST board via email at:


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