Just in case you missed it the Hereford Football Club Chairman Jon Hale recently spoke to TalkSPORT.


Hale confirmed the club have secured a five-season lease from Herefordshire Council, and that the Football Association are now considering their options regarding the positioning of Hereford Football Club within the pyramid structure.

Hale said: “We now await a process within the Football Association who will decide at which level we will go in at. Their rules state that a phoenix club should start two leagues below the position at which the old club went out of existence. So, technically we should start at step 5 which is the Midland Football League, but whatever level we’re put at, we start again and we build again.

“We will build a sustainable club with a fantastic supporter base behind it.

“We’ve spoken to a number of other clubs who have been through this process and we’ve talked to them about the things they did right, and the things they did wrong and what they would now do differently. So, that’s been a tremendous learning curve for us but I have to mention the supporters who have got behind us who have not only fought to save the soul of our club but they’ve helped us save the ground too.

“We have been helped in that process by clubs who have reformed, and have gone back up the leagues, so it’s been a real football family story.

“When a football club is in your blood, you’ll do anything for it and we’ve all come together again now. We’ve realised we needed to get the club back in the hands of the supporters – and that’s what we’ve done.”

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