Get Your HUST 50/50 Draw Season Ticket Today!

2019/20 Season – 28 Match online 50/50 Ticket Option – Sponsored by Anytime Fitness (Hereford)

This is an opportunity for fans, who are not able to attend a home game, to join in the Matchday Draw, with the results announced at Half Time on Radio Hereford FC.

Over the last season 2018/19 we paid out £21,675 in prize money of which £2,430 was paid to online subscribers. The average prize money payed out per game was £797 (£411 first prize).

In April 2019, HUST was pleased to announce that the Club advised us, funds from the 50/50 draw will be used exclusively towards the playing budget in this coming 2019/20 season.  HUST will, of course, continue to receive shares for the investment.  We think this a real win-win situation offering supporters a chance to directly support the playing budget while, at the same time, contributing towards the Trust’s target of 50% share ownership. 

The target is to get to £289,000 by 31st March 2020 and HUST own 50% of the HFC Share capital – only £99K to go…  

How the Online Matchday 50/50 Draw Works

  • It is available for all home League, FA Cup and FA Trophy Games for the 2019/19 Season
    • As the gates will be smaller this option will not be available for Pre Season Friendlies or Herefordshire Cup games
    • We do not include away league games because we would urge fans to support the Away Team fundraising.
  • The online draw will close at 5pm local time on the day before a home game. For example 5pm on the Friday before a Saturday game.
    • Entries after the deadline will be carried forward to start at the next home game
  • Participants will be notified by Email of their Matchday Ticket number for the next home game. Should a game be postponed then the tickets will carry over to the next home game that is played
  • The Winning Tickets will be announced at half time over Radio Hereford FC and on the scoreboard – plus HUST FB & Twitter accounts
  • HUST will notify Online winners by Email, there will be no need to make a claim. So even if you cannot listen to Radio Hereford FC you can still participate.
  • The prize money will be paid through Paypal within ten working days of the game.

In order to participate you will need:-

  • To be able to make a payment through Paypal in order to buy your Matchday Draw Tickets. This is easy to do and can be done using a debit or credit card. You just need a valid Email address and your Paypal account is created. Having a Paypal account enables us to contact you by Email to confirm you have winning ticket and pay your prize money. There is a small cost of using Paypal which we have had included in the online ticket price.
  • To choose the number of matches you wish to enter for.

Full Season – 28 Match Option Explained… 

  • If you subscribe for the 28 matches AFTER the 1st Home Match then your entry for Match 2 will be doubled up
  • Subscribe for 28 match option AFTER the 2nd Home Match then your entry for Match 3 will be tripled
  • Subscribe for 28 Match Option AFTER the 3rd Home Match then your entry for Match 4 will be quadrupled
  • Subscribe for the 28 Match Option AFTER the 4th Home Match then you will have 5 entries for Match 5 … and so on…

This means there is currently NO closing date for this 28 Match Option. 

  • It covers 28 games in the season– That is 21 League games plus a nominal 7 home games in the FA Cup and FA Trophy (we will include the Vanarama League Cup if HFC are playing in it) – We do not include friendlies or HFA Cup games in total.

  • If there are less than 28 home league and cup games in the season, then the remaining tickets will be issued for the last home league game of the season.

  • If there are more than 28 home league and cup games in the season, then the subscribers will get “free” bonus entries for the extra games.

This is a very good value option for those who wish to subscribe to every game.


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