HUST Make A Further Financial Investment into HFC 
HUST have confirmed that a further £5,000 has been paid to HFC for the purchase of shares on 31st May 2020. 

We would like to thank all those who have taken part in the various fundraisers to help achieve the £15,000 invested since the season was suspended and all the Club income dried up.

This takes the HUST Shareholding and Fan Ownership to £225,000, which is 43.8% of the shares issued and paid for. Of the £225,000 HUST have invested in HFC £116,445 (51.8%) was derived from net surplus from the 50/50 Matchday Draw £108,555 (48.2%) was derived from other fundraising Both, of course, came 100% from FANS of HFC; all freely giving their money for the dream of owning 50% of their Club.

An awesome achievement with the bullseye getting closer. In the year ending 31st May 2020 HUST have invested £35,000 in HFC of which £13,041 (37.3%) was derived from the net surplus of the 50/50 Matchday Draw £21,959 (62.7%) was derived from other fundraising.

This is a straight cash injection to HFC; invaluable in difficult times like these. There are no restrictions on how the HFC can use the money for the benefit of the Club. The HFC board advised it was to be invested in the Playing Squad for the season just ended.
The target to reach is £289,000 by 31st May 2021 and so own 50% of the HFC Share Capital.


Thank you for your continued support

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