Hereford supporter Bill Thomas was moved to dig out an old 45rpm vinyl single after both John Mills and Pablo Haysham left Edgar Street for pastures new.

Here is a song re-written!

Like many fans I was naturally disappointed that John Mills and Pablo Haysham left the club. They are both legends and I wish them well at their new clubs. At the same time, I completely understood the club position. I am slightly consoled that John has gone to Bath City, as I watch them as my second team.

What would Jilted John say about the departures, I asked myself. Yes, the single was 40 years ago but just like Lobo, the artist is still performing. This is a non-critical not to be taken seriously version before you ask. Anyway “here we go two three four.”

Jilted Beads

Beads was talking terms with a player
By the name of Millsey,
Sadly John did say to Beads
When they were talking contracts
(This is what he said)

He said listen Beads, I love you
But there’s this team, I fancy
I don’t want to travel to Blyth
So it’s the end for you and me

Who’s this team Beads asked him
Bath City was John’s reply
Bath’s a rugby town, said Beads dismayed
Though John said they’re a good football side
(And some of their fans sing that they hate rugby anyway)

Here we go, two three four

Beads was so upset that he cried
All the way to the boardroom
When he came out there were journalists
Waiting for the story

And guess what they wanted to talk about?
Yeah, Millsey, and whether he was staying.

Just a bit more money
To hold on to Millsey
Just cos we need loads of goals
To keep us cool and trendy

There’s only one John Millsey, there’s only one John Millsey
He is irreplaceable, there’s only one John Millsey

Here we go, two three four

Johns so good, he scores goals
He scores goals, he’s very good
He’s gone to Bath, we think it’s tough
We want him here, at Edgar Street
Yeah yeah, it’s not fair
Yeah yeah, it’s not fair
(We’re so upset)

We’re so upset, We’re so upset, yeah yeah
(I know, we’ll sign Harry Kane.)
(Yeah, but he’s not as good as Millsey is he?)
(We’ll sign Harry White from Chester).
(And we’ve still got Lance and Symmo)
(But there’s only one John Mills isn’t there?)
(Oh well, we do care)

We do care!
We do care!

Bill Thomas

By Editor

Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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