Purdie excited by Bulls fightback

I was joined by the Hereford legend Rob Purdie after yesterday’s 4-2 victory over Darlington at Edgar Street.

Purdie acknowledged it had been a “proverbial game of two-halves” but thought Hereford were tremendous in the second period.

He feels the side will need to pick up another five or six points to avoid the drop zone, but says the target should be to finish the season on a high – with say 12th position not unrealistic.

“If Hereford can continue the standard of their second-half performance, that’s probably the Marc Richards plan for the future. It was exciting watching that second-half”, insisted Purdie.

“There was a bit of confidence being shown, and even a bit of a swagger and arrogance in the Hereford team which you need to be successful.

It was great to see and hopefully they can now take that forward and finish the season well”.

Keith Hall

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