The new Hereford manager Russell Slade says changes at Edgar Street are “inevitable”, and is bidding to bring in someone to work alongside him in a coaching position next week.

Speaking this morning Slade said, “When you sit back and look at it, there will be change. It’s inevitable. We’ve got to mould the squad and give it a strategy and direction. Then you move forward, and with all my experience I’d like to think I can get us up and running.

“I’m aiming at bringing a new coach in, and that should be announced next week”.

The former Scarborough, Cardiff, Orient, Grimsby and Coventry boss has had a spell away from the game but feels re-invigorated by the challenge he has been given at Edgar Street.

“It’s a nice feeling. It’s the only break I’ve really had in football, and I probably needed it. It’s been a time to reflect and look at the game again, and I’m really excited about the prospect of coming into this club. I feel the club has a real opportunity to progress and I’m looking forward to it”.

Slade, 58, understands the high expectations the fans at Edgar Street have, and is relishing trying to meet those demands.

“This was the home to an established football league club. As an opposing manager I always regarded coming here as a big challenge. I remember coming here with Brighton as a struggling side with all sorts of off-the-field problems, and managing to get a win. It is a difficult place to come to and get a result – and that’s how I want it to be. It’s learning how to win in different circumstances that’ll be the key”.

The new boss knows he’ll be placed under scrutiny and pressure, but accepts that managers up and down the country are no longer afforded too much time in which to settle in.

“Over the years managing football clubs has become tougher. Very often you don’t get the time to build a squad like you used to. People want instant results. I’d probably go back to my time at Scarborough as being particularly tough. The team were 5 points adrift at the bottom of the Conference table and yet we managed to turn it around and take something like 39 points from the last 18 or 19 games to finish mid-table. But to get into that position was tough – very tough. It was really challenging to turn things around there.

“Good fans don’t forget those moments. They realise what managers have had to go through sometimes to get a club back on track”.

Slade knows he may have to make changes to some of the playing squad once he has had chance to assess them over the coming weeks and months.

“I’ve seen match clips and I’ve got plenty of footage still to get through, and the nice thing for me, after the weekend match against Boston, there’s a bit of a gap until we’re back on the pitch. So, this break from competitive football will give me more time to work with the players.

“I’m unlikely to waste the Saturday when we’ve got international call ups. We’ll probably organise a practice match here at Edgar Street.

“Like most clubs up and down the country I’m sure the budget has already gone. It’ll be perhaps a question of wheeling and dealing, plus the possibility of bringing in a couple of loan players if we need to. It’s all about dialogue. I’ll have a look. I’ll assess and move things on from there”.

Interview: Keith Hall

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