Neither of Hereford’s managerial appointments were popular choices and some of the support had made up their minds before Day One. Since then, anything the duo do or say has become subject to scrutiny and “wider” interpretation. The latter is becoming wilder than usual, often oblivious of football reality. Everything now is just more ammunition to hurl. They are criticised for not signing players, or if they do, that’s wrong too. Every popular player leaving is their fault. Brexit too probably.

Undoubtedly, our team is not performing as well as it should, given the array of expensive arrivals. But three games into a manic schedule, even after a shocking afternoon on Saturday, with a mass of new signings still finding coherent feet in a ridiculously tight League, supporters of most clubs would be comparatively relaxed. Anyone can have an off-day. Yesterday, it was Chelsea’s turn. Most Hereford supporters appear to be well beyond waiting. And yes, football isn’t fair. It’s brutal and dog eat dog in what is the arse-end of the professional game. Perceptions are often more important than reality and personality than talent. The common perception is that the current duo is not fit for purpose. And now we know the Board’s response.

Seriously hard call for our Board. Harris and Richards are our future, we were assured, the very best people for the job, less than a year ago. At a time when they’ve only just finally stopped shovelling remuneration out the back door to the previous incumbent, a new name is on the Gardening Leave roster. Changing management mid-season rarely works well. Six clubs in our Division installed fresh Gaffers last season, none of them were much better off as a result, New coaches expect new talent and contracted players will not budge. Also, what will happen to their Hartpury training facility? And.. the real biggie. The absence of any obvious replacement Removing Richards creates a problem not a solution. Should the Coliseum not like the next choice either, what then? So many issues to work through.

Contrary to wishful thinking, Greener has no interest in managing or coaching. And come on, Black-Country based Ian Long is just reaping the early rewards of his summer efforts at Stourbridge FC, the biggest Non-League side in the patch. He’s got his favourite coaching staff at his side and his six trusted players who follow him around. He’s really likely to drop all that to become the latest Gladiator in the Coliseum. If it had to be him, June was the time. Too late now.

Our Board have taken the first step. Their next steps are tricky.

Simon Wright

By Editor

Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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