Following the late-late equaliser from Josh Gowling for Hereford against Chorley this afternoon, the Talking Bull Co-Editor Simon Wright wasted little time in reminding everyone, and anyone, with which club the Bulls experienced defender had served his apprenticeship.

The world according to Simon essentially says…Hereford should always sign players who have at some stage played for West Bromwich Albion. Whether the Hereford Head Coach, Marc Richards, takes any note…we shall see…

“What am I being blamed for this time?” joked the passing by Chairman Ken at my Talking Bull selling spot. I couldn’t think of anything at the time though I had overlooked Mabel Justice in the Letters page who had a point to make. Never mind, Mr Chairman. You could follow the example of your namesake Ken from Hereford and ask advice of our resident Agony Uncle Rob. Words of support and wisdom guaranteed.
In addition, I had a wry grin from George Webb, understandably preoccupied with national gaseous issues and numerous kind words from the smart-dressed Dodsy Graham, who made my closed-eye assemblage of various clothes labels felt dowdy in comparison.

I mention these passing encounters not to name drop but more to highlight that these main men are accessible. You may not agree with their observations, consider they need to be more transparent but they are right there in front of you. In my other footballing life, the list of names of the two Chinese consortia who own a 125 year old Black Country institute are just that – names who are continents apart. Be grateful for what we have. But we would like more.

My, no one seemed in a hurry to get to the Street today. Much of the time in a deserted street I felt about as valuable as a Wolves lover at a Mensa meeting. Increasing the volume when shoppers passed curiously didn’t result in any sales. Tut, I mean where else are they going to get free staples? Good to see many familiar faces nearer kick-off, all those people who make Edgar Street such a special place.

Turned out the remarkable Joan Honnor was hoovering up most Talking Bull customers at Ticket Office corner. You’ve got the gig Joan. You do the selling., I will bash on with the writing. By the way, has anyone yet guessed I’m on my 4th glass of Prosecco ? ..

B Block was delightfully more populated than usual, even if much of the ground wasn’t . Must mention the return of badge boffins Steve Roberts and Caroline Roberts plus several others. Marvellous if windy. New folk too including – praise be – a Powys based WBA season ticketholder and his Dad right behind me. “What this team needs”, we both agreed.. “is more ex-Baggies… ” Hopefully I haven’t frightened him off as I and the remarkable Talking Bill Thomas led the occasional B Block choir. “Come on Hereford… “

Chorley dismayed me. As both my readers will know, I set my gamesmanship baseline at Tony Pulis. I thought I’d seen most of his stadium-emptying tricks and therefore there was nothing new to rile me. Our visitors found some new variations. There is some backhanded compliments to be found that the League leaders felt obliged to resort to such tactics against the club with the lowest goals scored in the Division. Couldn’t they just play football?

Our team matched the League leaders. That just doesn’t happen at this level. Its an outcome of hours of work by our head coach, assistant and analyst leading to personal instruction and tactics. Such endeavour can close gaps as Richards proved last season at Gloucester.

Sometimes. just sometimes football can be better than sex. Or so I vaguely remember anyway. That moment when our new defensive guru.. who learnt so much from Tucka Trewick and Richard O’Kelly at the Hawthorns… Josh Gowling let fly from the edge of the box.. you get one or two of those a season. Birdie v Leamington was the other. Moments when you just have to be there. Live football. The real, raw stuff

A footnote. At 5.30pm I followed a coach up Fromes Hill. A coach which looked suspiciously like the Chorley coach getting the hell outta Dodge. I gave them a cheery wave as I passed. Some of my digits were less willing than others to participate.

OK – do I open another bottle …. hic

Simon Wright                                                              Gowling Goal and Celebration courtesy of Bulls News Blog

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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