Hereford have signed Lewis Hudson from Rushall Olympic, so here is your quick background guide to the Bulls’ new left-back.

The Strachan football Foundation is the biggest football academy in Coventry and uses the excellent football facilities at the University of Warwick, the same ones our players used to enjoy.

The main men are Gordon and Craig Strachan but their Assistant Academy manager is Lewis Hudson. Young Lewis holds a UEFA B licence and he also uses his skills to train the Hinckley U18’s squad. He’s very much pupil turned teacher, having been a student in his home city for two years. According to the foundation, he was interested in coaching from a very young age.

Lewis built his football career slowly, starting with Coventry United and Rugby Town (only 2 games here) before joining Racing Club Warwick. Their manager Steve Easterbrook was thrilled to get him “he has the ability to progress up the Leagues” he enthused. Indeed, he had for soon Lewis moved up to Redditch. Here he built his reputation as an ever present – a very quick left back/wing back and his name was noted.

Last summer, Redditch announced that Hudson was moving to an unnamed Step 2 club. Knowing the silly games that we used to play, I cheekily texted manager Matt Clarke and asked who Hereford were signing. “It’s not you, its Rushall” was the response. We got him in the end Matt.

The full back was newly promoted Rushall’s first summer signing. Explained their Gaffer Liam MacDonald “Lewis was easily the best left back in our division last season at Redditch United. I’ve always admired his style of play and attitude.”

This season Huddy has played virtually every game for the Pics. In the absence of a natura wide man, the full back had licence to attack and he gave our defence many anxious moments. Days before our game, Rushall signed a left back from Nuneaton. Did our interest in the player come before or after that new arrival I wonder?

Tough for a club who now only have 12 players of their own. Hereford represents a step up for the defender not to mention the benefit of picking up summer wages on his 18-month deal.

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome Lewis.

Simon Wright

By Editor

Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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