For many, this is an eagerly anticipated trip and a new ground. I’ve been there a few times and the place is much like Chester or Walsall. A concrete and breeze block out of town minimalist structure. So much out of town, the club originally came under a neighbouring council before a local government merger placed them back in Scunny.

It’s far from a new ground now, opening back in the 1980’s. Hereford United were the first League opposition in August 1988 with the home side winning 3-1. Three quarters of the stadium is seated so for visitors its seats only in the AMS South stand with a generous 1,600 limit. Admission is £18 for adults, £14 for over 60s and under 21 in advance. £1 or £2 more on the day. Their club programme like our own is online. The ground is just off the M181 and has a large first come first served car park at £3 per vehicle.

I’m assured that the club bar admit away fans as does the old Farmhouse pub next door, but team colours cannot be worn. If that doesn’t suit, then drive the short distance to Oswald Road for the CAMRA approved Honest Lawyer or Blue Bell which is a Spoons.

Scunny have gone backwards for several seasons. As an example, my last visit to the then Glanford Park was in 2007 when the Iron were a Championship side. Despite being a full-time club with allegedly the biggest budget in the League, this season has not gone as well as expected. In truth, it didn’t almost didn’t go at all. A last-minute bailout by local business people only just kept the lights on. They inherited a lot of debt running into seven figures and had to add to it by buying back their ground.

There is still an expectation they will win every game. On the road, they’ve been vulnerable of late unlike
when they visited the Street back in December and every shot they had went in. Predictably the manager Jimmy Dean came under scrutiny. This is his first full time job, one made more difficult by a transfer embargo and threat of complete closure. It’s not the easiest role.

Players to watch include our former loanee Tom Pugh, who is only a semi-regular performer though he is very popular on iron fan forums. We mustn’t forget former Hereford United defender Will Evans who is a near ever-present though he was recently sent off for the second time thus season. Two of his team-mates are both currently serving bans for being sent off. Their big goal scorers are the literally big Danny Whitehall with 19 and Danny Elliott with 11.

Scunthorpe have the third best home record in the division with 14 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats where they average virtually 2 goals a game. Recently, they’ve wobbled a bit here, managing to beat the strugglers but not the better sides. They are in a kind of limbo at the moment – unable to overtake Tamworth and at the same time very unlikely to drop any lower unless Chorley or Brackley keep winning. At what point do you not exactly ease off but be more concerned about unnecessary pre-play off injury or suspension to a key player? Their limbo position is, I suspect, our best chance of avoiding being doubled by the Iron.

I’m sure we will take a good following, and you can save by buying your tickets early:

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Simon Wright


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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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