In this additional feature for Talking Bull we look back affectionately at some of the music that has been played at Edgar Street via the PA Box over the years.

In recognition of the late great Don Cooke we are calling this archive “Don’s Discs” and we are sure many, many Hereford supporters will recall his voice, as well as his music. Don operated the public address system at Edgar Street for the best part of 25 years.

So, in our first single do you remember Mott the Hoople, and Roll Away the Stone?

UK, male vocal/instrumental group – Ian Hunter, Dale Griffin, Mick Ralphs & Pete Watts.

The song reached #8 in the UK singles chart. It was first heard over the tannoy at Edgar Street in December 1973:

1/12/1973 v Walsall. The Bulls won 3-1. Attendance: 7,747. Hereford scorers: Tyler, Hinch, Evans.

Line Up: Hughes, Carver, Naylor, McLaughlin, Tucker, Addison, Owen, Tyler, Hinch, Gregory, Evans. Substitute: Rudge.

Colin Addison played his first game since breaking a leg at Barnsley. Hereford hero Dudley Tyler re-signed from West Ham and celebrated with his 50th goal for the club. Man of the match for the Bulls was Brian Evans who capped a fine game with a solo goal.

If you have a favourite song you loved hearing at Edgar Street, let us know here at Talking Bull email us: 

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2 thought on “Don’s Discs #1 – Mott the Hoople”
    1. It certainly will be. I can recall that song bouncing across the Meadow End for years. I also gave it an airing playing it on the PA occasionally in the 90s.

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