Here is the Talking Bull “Good Pub Guide” to Spennymoor ahead of this Saturday’s fixture. Thanks, as always, to our resident fanzine Hereford Hophead – Ian Mann.

SPENNYMOOR TOWN, Saturday 30 March 2019. 

Spennymoor represents another long haul trip, but it might just be worth it if we can recapture something of the spirit of our exploits at Blyth. 

Like the Wallaw in Blyth Spennymoor’s Wetherspoons, the Grand Electric Hall on Cheapside, DL16 6DJ is a converted cinema and bingo hall with film themed décor. Also like the Wallaw it appears in the current edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide which suggests that it should be a cut above some other examples of the chain. The omens are good. 

A more traditional alternative is the family run Frog & Ferret in Coulson Street, DL16 7RS which serves four to five changing beers, some of these sourced from the local Consett Ale Works brewery.

Ales from the North of England predominate so you’re likely to find something you’re not likely to come across in Herefordshire. Real cider is available too. This is essentially a drinkers pub and although it serves lunchtime meals during the week no food is served on Saturdays. If you want something different to the corporate Wetherspoons experience this sounds like a good bet.

With the trip to the north-east being a long one some Hereford supporters are expected to make a weekend of it so why not consider accommodation in Durham or Bishop Auckland where there are a plethora of real ale pubs for you to enjoy.

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