How to Win the HUST 50/50 Draw


In Talking Bull issue 113, a HUST 50/50 draw winner Jo Harrison shared some of her trade secrets.  Here’s a brief reminder of her wisdom…

“Park at the very back of the Merton Meadow. As in over the bridge and drive to the back. You do want to be a winner?

Next, you must track down Jeremy. It is known that Jeremy sells the big winners.  Spotting said vendor is not hard.  Buy 4 tickets, no cheapskating.

Next, find Uncle Rob, provider of advice to the stars. He will be enacting Zebedee impressions outside the main stand.  Find him and give him a hug. Just do it. A man hug will suffice if of a delicate nature. Uncle Rob understands that’s what winners do
If you’ve followed my guide, just count that cash …. and don’t forget who shared the winning secrets with you.  Mine’s a treble Malibu..”

Front of house co-editor Simon Wright takes up the story.   “I was so inspired by Jo I thought I’d follow her advice for the Alty game.   I parked certainly further away from the ground than I wished. Early Christmas shoppers didn’t leave me much choice. The Boss was unimpressed with such trudging and worse, didn’t believe that a long walk would lead directly to scooping cash.

Yep, saw Jeremy. Didn’t really have much option when he comes at us like a Stuka divebomber, eyes aflame. The Boss and I had two each, so managed  the requisite four tickets.

Ah Uncle Rob.. Well, not quite a man-hug from me, more a meaningful look.  Near enough apparently.
And yet I scooped £420 first prize.  Sorry Jo, had to dash off to a gig in Birmingham, but treble Malibu from me next time, I promise.”

So not only is Talking Bull probably the best Non-League fanzine in the country, we also offer valuable financial advice too…  Your Hereford fanzine. You know it makes sense.

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