Talking Bull Co-Editor Simon Wright braved the weather and attended the Bulls victory over FC United of Manchester at Edgar Street in the FA Trophy yesterday. Here are his post-match thoughts…

And welcome to Marie Celeste Street. I mentally debated whether to attend this fixture. I expected a price-drop declaration from our Board as a goodwill gesture and was dismayed not to see one. It’s not even about the money, the acknowledgement that this is a rotten season and supporters deserve something back meant more. But its Saturday, football day and I would go somewhere so logically visiting the club I support made sense.

I have huge respect for FCUM as an institution and yes, I was also swayed by an impassioned Call To Arms by HUST Vice-Chair Joanie Roberts. Er Indoors was a refusnik so it was just me boogying on down the A4103 once more. To raise spirits, I paused for an excellent hot pasty from Leigh Sinton stores (turkey today and delightful). There was no need to hurry for car parking today.

Once at the ground, there was much warm greetings of fellow supporters, sort of akin to survivors of a battle. Unusually, I wasn’t selling today so had time to talk to / distract hard working club volunteers. I used to be one once. Also I probably met all 3 of my FB postings readers within minutes, an overwhelming experience.

In addition, I stared hard at the back of a tall bloke, sporting fashionably ill-fitting trousers and unusual hair, rumoured to be another new signing. He didn’t look injured so I was dubious.

At 2.40, I galloped up the stairs to B Block. There sat Chris and Brian, parents of TB columnist Joanne Clements, surrounded by row upon row of empty blue seats. My entire row was empty and remained so. The row in front also completely empty. Talk about Johnny No-Mates … and after all the flatulence cures I’d necked too. Former TB editor Nigel Preece did thankfully join me, knowing his usual Len Weston terrace crowd had absented themselves. He moved easily into the key role of Loudest Man in B Block, a supporter tradition I feared I might have to cover. By kick off time, there were 21 people in a section more used to 3 or 4 times that number. No doubt the same scenario played out around the stadium.

And so to the game. Many folk, more astute than I have already commented on how Hereford built on their attacking play from Darlo against a Manchester side not over-diligent at the back. Symo’s home return was impressive and I did wonder if the big man had not endured serious injury, whether Beadle would still be in a job. We’ll never know.

On the other hand, like many, I’m warming to the flowing attacking talent of TOE in midfield, who FCUM couldn’t supress. I acknowledge the contribution of Mickey Finn and George Lloyd George and the rest. Maybe, just maybe a renaissance is underway. Right now, I will celebrate (if I can remember how) a well deserved Hereford win with slatherings of verve and dash added. I might even be looking forward to the next game. First team renaissance is top of everyone’s agenda but its not the only important issue in town.

Simon Wright




Photos courtesy Bulls News Blog

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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