As we head to the last game of the season, Simon Wright takes a look at the Southern League Premier Division. What exactly has it taken to lift the title before? Hereford have already set a new points record, and could yet reach 113 points if they gain another victory at St Ives Town on Saturday. Just how good have Hereford been this season. It’s nothing short of phenomenal.

Southern League Premier Champions Last 5 Years
Season Games Club Defeats Scored Final Points
16/17 46 Chippenham 5 94 103
15/16 46 Poole 7 86 93
14/15 44 Corby 8 86 94
13/14 44 Hemel H 8 128 102
12/13 42 Leamington 7 85 95


Remember all those comments last season about Step 4.

“Its all too easy, rather boring, be so glad to get into a more competitive League.”

Hereford have this season been in a league where if you switch off – you get punished. Take a look back to the games against King’s Lynn and the notorious match at Basingstoke Town in freezing conditions. But we knew our boys can be remarkably consistent, and actually rarely lost their concentration. Lapses do happen – to every club – and Hereford are no exception, despite the fantastic record which Peter Beadle, Steve Jenkins and his management team have produced.

We’re spoilt at Edgar Street and we are very used to winning. So, each defeat was a shock, but they proved to be of no great concern in the season as a whole. Frenzies of finger pointing and blame culture after the defeat at Basingstoke weren’t helpful, as this setback was a catalyst for another amazing run of results for one of the most consistently successful clubs in the top 7 levels.

The wider context remains very, very bright for Hereford FC.

Champions of the Southern League Premier Division, and with a record points tally.

Take a look at the record of the last five Champions in our Division. Other than Hemel’s extraordinary goal scoring, we’re the best ever.

Where are we heading? National League North, or South?

Whatever the case, make sure you ‘Keep the Faith’. We’re going to enjoy it.

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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