HUST are enhancing the existing Prize Bull Lottery draw from this month, with the launch of the ‘Prize Bull 500 Club’.

A GUARANTEED £1,500 PRIZE WILL BE WON in the opening draw of the newly revamped fund raiser which will take place on Tuesday, 30th May at 8:30pm ‘Live’ on Radio Hereford FC.

All current members of the Prize Bull Lottery will automatically be transferred over to the enhanced draw but can, of course, increase their chances of winning with further entries.

The Prize Bull 500 Club is simple to join and every participant has the chance to win in the weekly, monthly and annual draws. Members must be over 16 years old to join and can pay by standing order, automated payment or cheque.

The rules, background information, entry forms and an online portal will be set up by the 12th May so additional supporters can either enter by post, or via the internet.

There will be one prize draw each week which will take place on Tuesday nights. This will be conducted ‘live’ on Radio Hereford FC during half-time at home or away games, or at 8:30pm on other Tuesday evenings during the football season, and during the close season.

Following the very successful launch of the Bulls Lotto in January 2017, this is a HUST initiative to upgrade the Prize Bull Lottery and generate more income for Hereford Football Club, and gives members regular chances to win cash (and other) prizes. There will continue to be 52 weekly draws, but now additionally 12 monthly draws and an annual Christmas Draw. This replaces the Prize Bull Lottery where only occasional winners scooped the jackpot.

The cash prizes increase as the membership increases and I am sure the winners will be pleased with their winnings which total hundreds and thousands of pounds on occasions. The rules are fully explained and it is simple to join. The commitment from members is £5 per month which gives you decent odds and you are helping to improve our club, so please give it due consideration and divert some of your disposable income to help HUST and Hereford Football Club, and you never know you could be a winner.

Watch out for full details of the launch of the Prize Bull 500 Club in the next few days.

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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