Video Vault #2: Northampton Town 1 – 1 Hereford

Our next momentous match from the Video Vault involves the Bulls in a dramatic game at the old County Ground in Northampton. The notorious match took place on 6th of September 1992 with Hereford lying tenth in the Barclays League Division Three, with the Bulls managed by player-boss Greg Downs.

The game ensured referee Brian Coddington became part of Hereford folklore as he created a league record by dismissing four Bulls players. Theodosiou and Downs walk after 72 minutes. Beavon scores after 74, before United incredibly level it with only nine men, before Titterton goes after 85, and Jones follows him in the last minute.

The Hereford contingent first sang “We only need nine men” immediately after Simon Brain scored the equaliser, before altering the chant to “we only need seven men” at the final whistle.

A Talking Bull front cover followed hailing “The Magnificent Seven”.

Mind you looking back at the footage now some of the challenges were horrific…

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