For me, the biggest club issue is Hereford Football Club spending more than their income for three straight seasons, despite regular statements around the need to remain sustainable. The consequence of the 2022/23 season going the same way is simply frightening.

Others seem to focus solely around their concerns about our manager. The two issues really are linked now as a managerial change will take away a big chunk of whatever resources we have left. The “Gowling out” crew, who were so vocal at Aggborough will no doubt be keen to repeat their messaging. Thus the next few games are Crunch Time.

Scarborough will be tough opposition. A seasoned, familiar unit with confidence and 6 away wins to their name.  Confidence and belief go a long way at this level. Right now, I’d grab a draw if it was offered.

The two games immediately afterwards do look winnable. Firstly, Farsley Celtic with finances worse than ours have struggled in the bottom four all season. Then Gloucester, whose benefactors are bailing out, have a very poor recent home record. Their player turnover is quite ridiculous and their home gates are sinking rapidly. You’d hope, indeed almost expect, points from such games. If we don’t, then the question about the Gaffers future will be raised even more stridently.

There’s a “lose either way” scenario.

“He has to go because the dropping gates will cost us even more than the pay-off,” is one argument.

But being post-Christmas, cold weather, a rail strike and so many folk hard-up, there are several reasons why supporters might not attend in January, particularly in midweek.

The big point for me though is not to seek retribution, not to punish an individual and his family for “spoiled” Saturday afternoons. We have to be bigger than that.

Ask yourself where do you get a better replacement mid-season.

Get any old replacement easily enough but someone who will improve matters will be so very hard. Most everyone is in work and contracted. Very likely, there won’t be a suitable candidate, and we’ll end up with a make-do caretaker, and no better off with another chunk of money gone.

By Simon Wright

By Editor

Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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