Simon Wright takes a look at this weeks Hereford goalkeeper…Dino Visser.

It takes a certain determination to step between the sticks for Hereford FC this season. Two custodians injured already and a third on international duty with Wales, a dubious alternative. There was nearly four down when the solitary U18 Community Engagement ‘keeper Atkinson took a right whack in the Youth Cup. Thankfully and unusually for our No 1s, he recovered.

Dino who hails from South Africa, is a 33-year-old free agent and is 6 foot 2 tall. The best years of his career were spent with top South African clubs between 2013-19 though the most games he played in a season was 24. In 2010, as a rookie, he kept goal for Platinum Star FC in a warm-up game against England, prior to the World Cup. “I even stopped Rooney one-on one, made myself big and blocked with my legs.”

What to make of a goalkeeper who errr.. doesn’t actually keep much goal? His last first team league appearance was in 2019 and in a different country.

Dino flew into Britain in 2019 with his wife Charne. As he told the Daily Mail: “We had a choice between continuing my career in South Africa where I’d always lived or putting everything in storage and having an adventure. There was no contract signed in England. I believe I’d have something to offer so we booked our tickets and flew out.”

Dino was on the books of Exeter, Crewe and Port Vale where he played just a few times in the EFL trophy. He was interviewed in a frankly distracting shirt after one Trophy game in September.

He also spoke to the Vale programme in December 2020, was injured shortly afterwards and never played for the Burslem crew since. He’s been without a club since July 2021 and its not clear how the couple have supported themselves since.

Covid was no friend to Visser which as well blocking employment opportunities also meant he couldn’t fly home either. Much of his stay in England was living out of a suitcase in locations like Surrey, Crewe, Warrington, Exeter and Nantwich. But as he told the Mail “We have met some incredible people in the UK so it’s made everything worthwhile. “

Our latest last line of defence standing won’t yet be aware that the raw-boned Jack Edwards of Leamington is in town Tuesday. Presumably his last victim Luke Haines will fill him in (as in let the new keeper what he is in for).

The latest arrival is another tough call for our “reserve goalkeeper” Seb Osment. ‘Ozzy’ has faithfully joined the squad home and away this season only to end up watching from the side lines. If he is deemed not ready, then he surely needs a loan spell elsewhere to learn his trade?

Welcome Dino. We don’t see many South Africans at Edgar Street.

WATCH DINO VISSER VIDEO    Dino Visser – YouTube

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