HUST-bannerThe initial raw data results of the recent Fans Survey conducted by HUST have been made available – download the PDF here: HUST Fans Survey 2016 Infographic.

HUST say they are grateful to all who took part and will take their time analysing the results, particularly the individual comments.

Since the survey was launched quite a few supporters have re-joined HUST in addition to new memberships increasing.

If any supporter would like to be join HUST an easy to complete form can be found here via the Membership page.

Hereford FC Chief Executive, Ken Kinnersley, has today praised the Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) Board for conducting the survey.

‘I’d like to thank the HUST Board for taking the time to organise this survey – a huge amount of thought has obviously gone into the composition and the results make it a very interesting piece of work.

‘Although it has been conducted independently without input from the club, the survey clearly includes a lot of information that will prove hugely useful to everyone here at Edgar Street.

‘We will study the findings in detail over the coming days and I would like to reassure supporters that we will look to address any areas in which results of the survey suggest we can improve.

‘From a first look at the findings, my most significant initial thoughts are that it is particularly pleasing to see that so many contributors to the survey believe the main areas that HUST should invest its resources in are on building links between the club, fans and the community, and on raising funds to purchase shares in Hereford FC.

‘The latter point is particularly significant not only to ensure HUST takes up its option of owning exactly 50% of the shares in the club, but also to enable the club to continue to invest in its infrastructure and improve the supporter experience at Edgar Street.

‘Of equal importance such further investment in Hereford FC by HUST will help the club to build from a solid financial footing and ensure we continue to operate sustainably – a goal that simply must be achieved if Hereford FC is to have the bright future we all want so badly.’


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