Hereford FC have tonight announced the clubs new chairman will be Ken Kinnersley.

The former club volunteer co-ordinator was appointed as a club director at the start of the year, and will take up his position immediately, relinquishing his paid role as chief executive officer.

At a Board meeting this evening Kinnersley was unanimously selected by his six fellow Directors and he replaces former Chairman, Jon Hale, who stepped down in October.

Hereford FC have been quick to praise his previous efforts and the statement continues:

He took on the role of Volunteers Co-Ordinator, before then becoming Non-Executive Operations Director when it became clear quite how much work there was to do at the stadium to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Having served as Operations Director for several months, Ken then became Hereford FC’s first Chief Executive Officer – a paid role that he will be relinquishing now he has been elected onto the club’s Board of Directors.

Speaking this evening, Ken said:

‘I am honoured to have been selected as the club’s new Chairman by the Board, and will dedicate myself to continuing the excellent work that all the Directors, staff and volunteers have done so far. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a committed group of individuals driving the club’s progress and I am looking forward to working even more closely with them.

‘The magnificent support we have seen at our Christmas fixtures against Bishop’s Cleeve and Evesham show what a special club this is, and on behalf of everyone at the club I’d like to thank fans for their vocal encouragement and faultless behaviour at both games.

‘As many people will know, I am hugely protective of the reputation this club has built over the past 18 months and when I see support like we have had at the past two fixtures, I feel nothing but pride about what everyone who cares about the club is trying to build here.

‘I will do all I can in my new role to ensure our club continues to grow and would ask all fans to keep up the incredible support that they have offered Hereford FC, both on and off the field.’

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