The Hereford Football Club Chairman, Ken Kinnersley, has been reflecting on the events of last season and the difficulty of meeting fans expectations.

After three consecutive promotions the majority of Bulls’ fans were hoping for a season of consolidation in the National League North, with perhaps one-eye on being near the play-off positions.

However, as we all now know another promotion bid proved to be one step beyond the club, albeit aided in major part by the dismissal of Peter Beadle and Steve Jenkins last September. This certainly proved to be a self-inflicted wound which has continued to fester ever since. Supporters are still unclear as to the full reasons behind the departures as transparency is still denied for “legal reasons”.

Hopefully, an end to this sorry saga can be made swiftly, enabling both parties to move on.

Kinnersley acknowledges the support of the fans is essential, “It’s easy to support a winning team but when times are not so good, that’s when we all really need the support of the fans. The National North is very competitive and promotion was a big “step-up” yet we started this season with almost the same squad but without the 4 or 5 most influential players.

“Several more players have left since but few, if any, are now playing at this level. When both Tim and Marc were appointed, they made it very clear that it was not the best time to be recruiting players and that effecting change would take time as would moulding the team”.

Providing a competitive budget to compete in the National League North is required.

The Hereford chairman is now looking ahead to seeing the birth of a new squad capable of providing far more entertaining football, “We are now going through the process of rebuilding and positive support from the fans for the players has been vital in enabling the team to consolidate this season.

“As a Board Member I thank the supporters for their continued support and I’m very hopeful that fans will continue to demonstrate the same levels of support for the team next season as they have over the past four seasons.”

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