An extended lease on the Edgar Street Stadium is being sought by Hereford FC with discussions having taken place with Herefordshire Council yesterday.

The Hereford Chairman, Jon Hale, has welcomed the initiative, “We understand how frustrating it has been for supporters to see the lack of action over the defunct end, with many years of false dawns.

“We now have a genuine mutual appetite to get things done with officers from Herefordshire Council and we fully intend to jump on the opportunity to help drive the project forward. I think the Council are to be applauded for their willingness to work with Hereford FC for the benefit of the club and community.”

Neither the Football Club, nor the Council, have revealed whether this proposed new development at the Blackfriars End includes an all-seater Grandstand. However, according to Hereford FC they “have been invited to submit a proposal for a Club & Community facility at the Blackfriars End, which would provide additional revenue streams in years to come for Hereford FC to be invested back into the club. Additionally, the Council are open to conversations about other areas of the ground that could, one day, be in need of upgrade or refurbishment.”

Ross Cook, the Corporate Director at Herefordshire Council, has opened up the “dialogue” with Hereford Football Club. This is seen as a very positive step, with the club applauding “the appetite shown by Herefordshire Council to work with and help the football club, whilst improving the aesthetics of certain areas and providing better facilities and opportunities for the local community.”

Hopefully, far more information is forthcoming soon.


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