ANDREW GRAHAM, the new chairman of Hereford Football Club following the ‘retirement’ of Ken Kinnersley from the role last week, says he will endeavour to provide a more open and ‘transparent’ relationship between the club board and supporters.

Speaking immediately after his appointment Graham said, “I will do everything within my powers to ensure that we have total transparency from the Boardroom. As a board we know we need to engage with our supporters, act on what we can, be there for them when they need us and above all, treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve for being the brilliant supporters that they are”.

George Webb becomes the new HFC vice-chairman, whilst Helen Byard has been appointed as a club director with responsibility and accountability over Human Resources and welfare matters.

Graham, 55, was appointed following a unanimous vote after previously operating as the HUST nominated “respect” director, and was quick to praise the Bulls’ support.

“I am honoured and immensely proud to be appointed Chairman of this football club. This is a club, city and community I love, and I’m humbled that my fellow board members have chosen me for this role. I’m hugely grateful for their support.

“Hereford Football Club has been created and funded by fans, and I believe it is owned by everyone who supports the club. It survives through the dedication and commitment of its supporters – in the boardroom, in the offices, in the stands, and through a unique army of volunteers, whose professionalism and devotion to Hereford FC simply cannot be questioned.

“Looking ahead, I understand the significance of the role I now have, holding responsibility for driving this club forward on and off the pitch. The responsibility extends to our ongoing operational strategy, for the performance of the board, for the staff in the office who make things happen, and for the incredible volunteer army I mentioned earlier.

“I also have a responsibility to the many businesses and organisations that have been there for Hereford FC throughout these formative years. Without all the people involved, we would not be the success we are, and I look forward to demonstrating why we are worthy of continued generosity and confidence.”

“I can guarantee that my fellow Directors and me will only ever act in a way that we feel is in the best interests of the club. We accept that our decisions will not always be popular – in football that goes with the territory – but I do not believe anyone deserves to be abused for doing what they think is right.

“I genuinely cannot wait to see what lies ahead for our club. I am incredibly proud to be a Hereford fan and am even more proud to have the honour of taking this role.

“I would ask each and every one of you to get right behind this club. While it is inevitable that not everything will go our way, if we all pull in the same direction, I honestly believe that the possibilities for Hereford FC are endless.”

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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