The boards of Hereford FC and Hereford United Supporters Trust met on Monday 13th February 2017 to discuss future co-operation opportunities and various other subjects. HUST Chairman Richard Tomkins made a presentation covering the Trust’s vision and strategy for 2017/18, a copy of which is available for download in PDF below.

HUST handed over another cheque for £10,000 during the meeting, taking their shareholding in the club over the £100,000 mark.

Further feedback from the meeting can be expected following the next HUST Board Meeting on March 1st 2017.

HUST should be congratulated for a very detailed body of work which highlights how working in tandem with HFC over future years can benefit both the club and its supporters.

Hopefully this will be acknowledged as a positive step forward as the club continues to progress.

The HUST chairman Richard Tomkins said recently, “Years ago, the supporters’ organisation of the day, HUISA, were criticised in some quarters for purchasing shares in its football club. Today, its successor, HUST, has an open door to gaining a large stake in the new football club. I believe we should firmly embrace this principle. Supporters as stakeholders helped save the day back then, and supporters having a voice in the new club must surely be the way forward. We have moved from being a protest group to being an integral part of keeping football at Edgar Street.

“Success on the field leads to increasing needs for off the field assistance. There is undoubtedly a ‘pool’ of Hereford supporters out there who have skills, talents and ideas that can be tapped into. Through HUST I will be endeavouring to help identify these opportunities and I am convinced that with HFC and the Trust working together our club can prosper.

“As current chairman of HUST, I am determined to drive forward with the fund-raising initiatives, events and promotions that we have identified. I hope we will be able to assist some of the club’s projects over the course of the longer-term lease”.

Download the presentation here.

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