Hereford drew 2-2 with promotion seeking Stockport County yesterday thanks to a dramatic fightback in the second half after being two goals down at the break. Talking Bull co-editor Simon Wright looks back at the Hereford revival.

This afternoon, Hereford FC secured the one point required to mathematically guarantee a second season in National League North. I mention this primarily for the benefit of one Steve Warner of Hereford FC social media fame and presumably a born worrier. He remained unconvinced by a string of positive results, while maintaining an excellent impression of Marvin the Paranoid Android.

Once again, Hereford scored pleasingly late. More favourable eleventh hour drama than any club might reasonably expect in one season, so many goals to cherish in “Richards time..” Our scrambled 92nd minute equaliser, probably an oggie, was just about deserved. And mightily satisfying. Over the last ten games, we’re joint seventh in the form table and maybe the cynics might consider how that was achieved.

I previously opined within a Radio Hereford podcast that Stockport were the Nearly men of our Division. They tease, arouse expectations, shake their tail feathers.. and then cruelly disappoint. County nearly went joint top today with a game in hand and then they didn’t.

I predicted that from Brackley, Spenny and Stockport, we’d get a couple of draws and I surprised myself how that my prediction was nearly spot on. Perhaps all those hours spent on clubs or Companies House website really were worthwhile. (“I really need to check Brackley’s company account before I start making tea” I recall saying one evening. I didn’t even convince myself.)

My prediction was based around the thought County were feeling the heat and had too many big games too close together. Who knows whether that was wisdom or wishful thinking. Certainly, the visitors started with their top two goal scorers on the bench, a luxury Hereford can only dream about. Not that the Cheshire team seemed to miss them. As my other half astutely observed “they’re playing like Hereford FC did last season.” Stockport had the swagger of champions.

Do you know what was most pleasing about the first 45 minutes? That our supporters weren’t giving our players or management stick. Patience has been in short supply at Edgar Street in recent months.

I sort of expected a Hereford revival in the early stages of the second half. That done, I then anticipated a third County goal. That’s what Champions do and we know a lot about Champions in the Shire. That’s one prediction I got wrong. Astute changes by our management ultimately paid off against the meanest defence in the League and what unexpected fun that was.

Pre-match was spent shouting about my wares, as my voice was reintroduced to the Main Stand car park for the first time this year. I’m sure my fellow supporters were appreciative and suitably impressed that Talking Bull had no extra charge for staples. So good to meet and greet so many fine upstanding Bulls on a day when the idiot element was loose.

“Does Talking Bull have a concession for seniors?” wise-cracked George Webb. Struggling for a witty riposte, Radio Hereford’s Flatcap Frank came to my aid. Hey, I can’t sell fanzines and think. I’m a bloke!

Ah yes, Seniors. No doubt George has venerable folk on his mind as I assume season ticket pricing for next season is imminent. I’ve highlighted more than once that pricing for the venerable generation at Edgar Street is out of kilter with the rest of the League and probably many Step One clubs too. In some cases our Old F… sorry mature citizens pay more than double some of our opponents. The “How Much?” generation are worthy of more consideration and I hope reduced prices for seniors will be uppermost in the planning.

Hot topic of the day in B Block today was bad backs, not our own hard working back four, but a series of wincing supporters, all of them mature. One poor individual was too unwell to attend his own hospital appointment, a wretched irony indeed.

Next stop for the Bulls is Alfreton, home of a mauled football team and their leading tourist attraction – their War Memorial. The Bulls nation will have noticed the demands of a long season have long dulled my limited literary inspiration. 50,000 words for the radio Station so far, 20,000 for Talking Bull, programme bits plus these occasional meanders. However, I shall have to rise to the occasion as I’m guesting on Radio Hereford that night to ease Franks throat. Add your own one-liner at this point. Have a good one.

Simon Wright

Images courtesy of Graham Goodwin, Bulls News

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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