Hereford Football Club have published the following press release regarding season ticket reimbursement:

With the club facing a season ahead ‘behind-closed-doors’ for the foreseeable future and fans concerns around what the future holds for them personally, at work and at home, the Hereford FC Board are offering a choice of options for reimbursement of Season Ticket Renewals that we hope will provide a varied selection, for fans in differing circumstances.  

Please choose one of the following which best suits you:

  • Receive a full refund of the value of your Season Ticket
  • The Club would welcome and appreciate any supporter who would like to donate the initial processing costs of the ticket, when purchased, of £10 which would be deducted from the total refunded to you.
  • Should the situation change and fans allowed into the Stadium at any point during the season, this ticket is null and void.  You will be required to follow the new ticketing allocation announced at that time.
  • The Club would welcome and appreciate any supporter who would like to donate their Season Ticket money to be invested in delivering and maintaining football at Edgar Street, through these challenging times.
  • Should fans return to stadiums at any point in the season, naturally your Season Ticket is still valid with PRIORITY status and reverts back to giving you access to the remaining League Home matches.
  • The Club will honour your investment in Hereford FC for the 2020/21 Season by giving you a guaranteed Season Ticket for the 2021/22 Season.
  • Should fans be allowed into Edgar Street at any point this coming season you can either;
  • – Reinstate this year’s Season Ticket and continue to watch the remaining League Home matches and cancel the Season Ticket for the 2021/22 Season OR
  • B – Take your chance with the revised allocation of tickets and continue to guarantee your Season Ticket for the 2021/22 season.
  • Should you choose option A; refunds will be given on any Home matches that were not able to be watched, prior to crowds being reintroduced to Edgar Street.

Please email: James Watts within 28 days, to action your preferred option.  We will endeavour to process your refund within 14 days from receipt of your request. Please do not worry if this takes a little longer.

We are not able to process telephone requests for refunds.

Whichever option you choose, the Club board would like to THANK YOU for your patience through these uncertain times for both the Club and football generally and your tireless support to help us get through this season.

Should the ‘behind-closed-doors’ situation change, the Club will advise how tickets will become available, based on the relevant guidance, at that time, on number of fans allowed to attend matches at Edgar Street.

PLEASE NOTE: Options 2 & 3 are the ONLY way to guarantee a ticket to any Home matches, this year, if crowds are reintroduced. 

For those fans who are keen to watch The Bulls on HFC TV, the Club is delighted to announce that this service WILL be available for all Hereford FC Home matches in the 2020/21 Season.

It will be operated on a game by game, Pay-Per-View option only, at this stage. Whilst we appreciate that some supporters would welcome the option to swop their Season Ticket for a Live Stream subscription, this is not something the Club can currently deliver with the Pay-Per-View option.

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