Hereford 3 – 0 Blyth Spartans

As I was queuing to leave B block today, a grizzled veteran replete with a one-thousand yard stare exclaimed “We needed that.”

That was the perfect soundbite for me, as my overwhelming emotion was huge relief. The feeling had similarities to post-coital ones, or so I vaguely recall anyway.

The result was spot on, though the play reflected two sides not yet finding their form. Other phrases are available. The 90 minutes was riddled with errors and long passes to nobody. Poor old Blyth. A long way for them to travel and lose yet again. Well done to their 17 supporters.

Individually, Hereford FC have a perfectly satisfactory squad and yet collectively, there’s something not quite clicking. Of course, having 3 debutants doesn’t help but to be fair the trio had solid debuts.

Didn’t I tell you that Jack Holmes could play? He joined us from a club used to winning (a club who unexpectedly lost today without him) and he played that way with a swagger and no little confidence.

He was predictably the Man of the Match though for me the unheralded trojan efforts of Jethro was more worthy. By the way, is it just me who wants to add Q Bonnwhacket Buzzardstubble Ole Petang Petang Biscuit Barrel to his name? Probably.

After 3 years of waiting, keeper Dino made his English League debut. That’s patience.

In that time frame Jaanai Gordon would be bored at his fifth club, and seeking a sixth. Visser didn’t have much to do, but blocked shots and diverted corners quite admirably.

And defender Thompson looked the part too. Still feel perplexed as to why Orrin Pendley was loaned out. We surely knew what we were getting with Orrin in the summer. Maybe the need to control the month-to-month financial playing budget is coming into sharp focus, and that’s even before the energy crisis really hits home come November. Just how much will floodlighting night matches cost in the future?

For chunks of the second half, I was inevitably distracted by the flashing name of Francis Williams on the scoreboard. Hard to focus on the game after that. Anybody would think he’d won something.

As ever, home games are about people… and let’s be clear, 1900+ is a decent turnout, an attendance far higher than some critics had predicted. B Block was sadly short of its stalwarts, basically “life” or delayed trains were in the way. There were some volunteer gaps too. The dappily dressed Rob Bullock stepped in to sell programmes, making the rest of us vendors looking rather scruffy. Always pleasing to see so many lovely people, particularly those who wanted to say thanks for various things.

As the whole of social media is aware, Lee Mills featured in the programme today.

With some help from my friends, I compile the HUST page notes including the words on Lee, probably my only visible contribution so far since being co-opted onto the HUST board. No doubt that will change.

And finally, a big hello to an exile new to me Ian Long (no, not that Long). He’s Derby-based, was schooled in Hereford and just keeps coming back. I know the story Ian.

Simon Wright

Image: Graham Goodwin

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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