Thomas recovers after car accident

The Hereford enforcer, and potential player-of-the-year, Kieran Thomas missed last night’s match with Alfreton Town after being involved in a car accident at the weekend.

Thomas was at Alfreton to watch the Bulls draw 1-1, but was unable to play due to a calf and shin injury he suffered in the incident.

Marc Richards, the Hereford head coach explained:

“Kieran’s non-availability was an odd one really. He was unfortunately involved in a car accident on Sunday when another vehicle collided into the right hand side of his car. His calf and shin swelled up, and he went to the doctors who completed some blood tests.

“On the way here the results came through, and as they weren’t sure what the exact problem was we felt it best we left him out of the squad completely”.

It is unclear yet whether Thomas will be able to train on Thursday ahead of the match at Southport this weekend.

Here at Talking Bull we wish Kieran a speedy recovery and swift return to action.


  1. Chris Frith

    Unfortunately for Kieran and HFC this possibly reflects the way medicine and society has changed over the last few decades with defensive practice (tests) predominating and often leading to both false positive and false negative results, rather than relying on thorough clinical practice, taking advice and developing efficient care based on experience.

    1. Editor (Post author)

      What can Hereford FC do to mitigate this issue as you see it?


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