HUST will be launching a recruitment campaign in the coming weeks for a Volunteer Director to serve on the board at Hereford FC.

Further to this campaign the HUST Board would like to give the opportunity for its members to provide feedback on the amendments that have been made to its HUST Nominated Director (HND) policy.

The policy outlines the appointment and removal process as well as the expectations on the Trust nominated directors.

The most significant changes are:
Clarification on the process to remove a HND;
The ability for the Appointment Sub-Committee to appoint any HUST Member onto the interview panel;
Any HUST Member can apply to be a HND;
Declaration for successful applicant to sign at the close of the document.

Feedback from any HUST Member is welcome on the policy on or before 5pm Monday 18th March 2019.

A Copy of the Policy can be viewed HERE

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