The club is pleased to report that Wembley Stadium have provided ticketing details for our Buildbase FA Trophy Final at Wembley Stadium on 22nd May.

The details released are as follows;

  • Hereford fans will be located in the West End of the Stadium
  • We have been allocated a total of 3,000 tickets
  • Pricing is as follows: (Postage and admin charges may apply)
    • Full Price £25.00
    • Concessions £10.00
    • Child (under 16*) £1.00
    • Wheelchair Space & Ambulant/Visually Impaired Seating: £25.00
    • Personal Assistant Seating: £0.00
  • Each club will be allowed to sell their own tickets

Hereford FC are pleased that Wembley Stadium / The FA have given us the opportunity to sell tickets, this allows us to implement a priority system for ticket sales, the details of which will be confirmed as soon as possible.

The club will confirm ticket sales arrangements shortly, please be rest assured that the allocation allows us to ensure that all season ticket holders, volunteers and sponsors will have the opportunity to purchase tickets, we’re working hard to try and ensure that other loyal fans who do not sit within those categories are also given the opportunity to purchase tickets ahead of any general sale, subject to availability.

Due to current government guidance, and social distancing measures, the stadium has been configured so that every other seat, and every other row is in use. You can purchase multiple tickets for a family for example (subject to qualifying for priority sales),, but please be made aware that there will be 1 empty seat between each ticket.

Supporters attending Wembley Stadium for the Non League Finals Day will have to record a negative Lateral Flow test in the 24 hours prior to the game. Wembley Stadium will provide more details in the near future.

Face masks are mandatory for anyone age 11 and over at Wembley Stadium and are required to be worn at all times whilst inside the stadium. This includes the seating bowl. You can order your Hereford FC FA Trophy Final Face Mask here!

Should any supporters be exempt from wearing a face mask on medical grounds, they will need to contact Wembley Stadium customer engagement team who will discuss and if appropriate issue an exemption lanyard. To contact the Wembley Stadium customer engagement team please click here.

* Please note that Wembley Stadium do not allow children under the age of 2 to attend. All children over the age of 2 are required to purchase a ticket.

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