Hereford lost 2-1 at Aggborough in front of a travelling army of almost 1,000 supporters this afternoon. This ensured Kidderminster recorded their biggest home gate of the season; 2,745 and completed revenge over Marc Richards’ side who had beaten the play-off chasing side 1-0 at Edgar Street on Boxing Day.

However, it looked as though the full-time status of the Worcestershire based side helped towards a home victory. This despite Harriers playing for much of the game with ten men. Simon Wright looks back at the game itself…and much besides.

So, was this a match too far for the Bulls? Was fitness a factor? During a pre-Christmas Radio Hereford broadcast, I estimated that Hereford needed 1.26 points per game for the rest of the season to stay up. Thus to stay on target, the Bulls needed 5 points from their 4 tough Christmas and New Year games. We took 6 points so overall we’re still ahead of target.

Today was simply a game too far for a part-time team with limited alternatives, compounded further by taking on the same opponents twice in the space of a few days. As Fleetwood demonstrated last season, professional teams have more time to learn and change. Hereford rely on Symo’s aerial abilities and strength so Harriers stopped him playing. In my opinion we were rumbled and had no coherent Plan B. Elsewhere, weariness was cutting in as the home side always seemed quicker to the ball, even when reduced to ten men. The match outcome felt decided long before the end. Just a game too far against a Harriers team who played well.

But I’m not overly disheartened. Our team continues to evolve and slowly improve. The bottom 3 in our League all lost today. I think 5 points from our next 4 games is do-able (Chorley, Nuneaton and the Great North Runs Parts One and Two.)

Impressive away support this afternoon. Were we really only 911 strong? Seemed much larger. Our supporters who pre-bought seats were astonished to find not a barcode reader at the turnstile but a human who just glanced at the paper and dropped them on the floor. Not quite what we expected for the most expensive visitors seats in National League North.

Anyway, enough from me. Back to work tomorrow and a full day on a computer. Oh dear.

Simon Wright

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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