Hereford United Supporters Trust have launched Bulls Lotto, an exciting online game giving fans the chance to win life-changing jackpots.

With multi-million pound cash prizes on offer and every penny the supporters trust receives going directly towards raising funds to preserve and promote professional football in Hereford and its wider community of supporters, and to encourage supporter involvement with dialogue, fans representation on the board of Hereford Football Club, and share ownership.

With draws every Saturday and Wednesday, supporters aged 18 and over can choose their lucky numbers from 1 to 49, plus one star number. Bulls Lotto is simple to join and you can register in less than 60 seconds with it costing only £1.50 per lotto bet.

Fans can choose how many lines they want to enter, and how frequently they take part. All players need to do is match six numbers and the ‘star’ number for the bigger prize, although life-changing amounts of money can still be won if less numbers are matched.

Speaking today Richard Tomkins, HUST chairman said, “The Bulls Lotto is a great way for Hereford supporters to play for state lottery size prizes whilst benefitting their local club at the same time. After a good deal of research, HUST is launching the Bulls Lotto alongside its Prize Bull draw for the next few months”.

“We hope the Bulls Lotto stimulates interest from Hereford fans and it becomes established as a new way of generating income that HUST can use to support the clubs ongoing projects at Edgar Street, both in the short and long term”.

“By working closely together the Football Club and Trust can map out the pathways that will be needed to ensure we both achieve the targets that were set out when HFC was founded”.

Bulls Lotto is operated in partnership with Lotto Network, an intermediary of leading lotto betting provider MyLotto24 Ltd, which funds and pays all cash prizes in full.

Win life-changing prizes now at:

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