Dear Talking Bull,
I have read with interest the letters from Bill Thomas and Simon Wright on the subject of admission prices and how to maximize attendances at Edgar Street.

I disagree with the £2 price hike for those paying “at the last minute”, but, like Simon, when I give it some thought I find it hard to think of many who would be affected by it. I also take on board the TB editors’ response to Bill that many of the volunteer staff would like to see the whole game as well.

However, I recall something on the club website late last season which now has me wondering if my memory is playing tricks. When booking my ticket for one home game, I could swear that I saw an offer for a card giving access to 12 games, effectively for the price of 11. As we only had around 5 home games left, I wondered at the timing of the offer, but thought it would be a good idea for this season.

I rarely attend midweek home games these days, as I don’t get home until after midnight and usually have work the next morning. I do try to attend as many Saturday home games as possible, but there are inevitably a few I can’t get to, so I find it hard to justify the expense of a full season ticket. But 12 games? Perfect.

Last season I attended 13 home games and the 12-ticket card would obviously have paid for most of these. Even if I get to, say, 15 I don’t mind paying for the remainder as “one-offs.” Also, there were two home games last season for which I had bought tickets but could not attend, one due to illness and one due to train cancellations. This would be less of an issue if one could pick and choose 12 games out of 23 to attend. (The club completely ignored my enquiries about refunds for these two games – an email to at least acknowledging my enquiry would have been nice, but that’s another story).

But this season, as yet, I have seen nothing similar advertised.

Did I imagine this last season, or did anyone else see it? Either way, I think it would be a worthwhile option for the club to explore.

Shane Roberts
Bristol Bull

By Editor

Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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