Following the release of brand new smart phone apps for Radio Hereford FC for Apple iPhones and Android devices, here at Talking Bull we wondered what next?

Perhaps the Radio development team would like to work on these…

for the new Radio Hereford FC app.. 

For the Sleepyhead in your Life
Live! Radio Hereford’s Joanie Roberts celebrating Hereford’s Championship win. Loudly.

For the Teenager in Your Life
“TALKING BULL, HEREFORD FANZINE” That noisy ‘zine seller behind the main stand at full volume

For the Hereford fan who needs to count their blessings
“I’m a football man” (courtesy Tommy Agombar, on repeat)

For that acquittance who you don’t really like
“Hello. I’m Ian Long…”

For the person in your life who needs a looonngg alarm message
Live from Kiddy Harriers FC “We want Tommy Out … and his big fat mate” (6 minutes continuous – longer versions on request)

For anyone pretending they didn’t hear the alarm
Hereford FC’s Matt Healey tries to pronounce the name of former Dunstable FC man “Oluwanimilo Ajigbolamu”

For anyone who loves nostalgia
Get back in your box..”  by the late lamented Yvonne of B Block widely aka “the lady who shouts”

Unfortunate enough to have a Wolves supporter in your life? Share this alarm tone. Its language they understand
“ @@@***!!@@@” Beads expressing his errr.. disappointment over the size of his playing budget.  Actual wording available only in a steel-lined box.

For that day when you must be instantly awake
“And Hereford FC are drawn away to Didcot in the Cup”

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Lifelong Hereford supporter who has endured the rise and fall of the club through progressive generations. Sports journalist, broadcaster and commentator who will never forget his Edgar Street roots.

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